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Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards

I'm pleased to announce that I've been selected as a finalist in the inaugural Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards. To quote, these awards "celebrate and recognize technical expertise and contributions in the Oracle Database community".

I've been selected for the PL/SQL category, primarily for the articles and utilities that I share here on oracle-developer.net. I'm very pleased to be recognised by the Oracle Community in this way and if you have found oracle-developer.net to be a helpful and/or interesting resource, then I'd appreciate your vote (my voting page is here).

More information on the Awards, including an explanatory video, the rules, other categories and finalists can all be found on the main page.

Thanks for your support!

The two major releases of 10g (re-badged as Oracle Database 10g) have provided many new features for DBAs and developers alike. Despite many features aimed at automation, there's still plenty for developers to play with and you'll find some of these described in the articles below.